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Business Improvement Tools

Cannae has developed a series of spreadsheets, templates, presentations and model communications to help improve your company’s results by increasing employee productivity and by lowering compliance and financial risks.

Cannae's Value
Creation Methodology

A performance management process that actually improves performance.

The typical performance management process is broken.  It invites cynicism and an entitlement mentality among employees.  Managers do not consider it value-added but instead a nuisance they have to fit in around what they consider more important business activities.

The Cannae Value-Creation Methodology is a performance management process that:

•  encourages employee initiative and creativity

•  rewards performance that creates value for your company

•  is simple to implement and administer

•  eliminates any sense of  entitlement to an annual raise

If your performance management process
needs its own performance review, contact us
to learn more about Cannae’s Value Creation Methodology.

Cannae's Remote Employee Engagement Package

Maintaining a positive culture with your remote workforce 

Maintaining a positive, cohesive business culture is difficult when employees are working remotely.  The organic collegiality, idea sharing and mentoring that occurs when employees are physically together begins to fray when interactions require scheduling.

Our Remote Employee Engagement Package is  

Cannae Compliance &
Workplace Improvement

Creating a work environment that is legally compliant and consistent with your vision.

If you want a risk-free business, you might as well shut the doors now. Business is all about taking risks and effectively managing them.

Cannae Compliance is our methodical process for assessing and managing the compliance and legal risks you assume the moment you hire your first employee.

Some of the the high risk areas we review include:

  • Discrimination against protected groups in hiring and pay

  • Misclassification of workers

  • Non-compliance with record keeping and reporting requirements

  • Unfair labor practices

  • US work authorization

If you are concerned about compliance
risk, contact us to learn more about
Cannae Compliance.

Contact Cannae HR Solutions to discuss how our Management Assessment and Succession Planning Process can improve your team.

Avoiding legal issues is nice but no way to build a business. Cannae Workplace Improvement is a series of processes and initiatives to help create the work-place environment you want.

  • Culture assessment and change strategies

  • Talent assessment and development strategies

  • Team assessments and conflict resolution

  • Flex-time and remote work approaches

  • Time-off policies

  • Health and wellness programs

  • Employee recognition programs

  • Social networking policies

  • Improving employee business engagement

If your work culture is not aligned with your business, contact us to learn more about Cannae Workplace Improvement.

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