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  • John Markson

Why Cannae?

I am often asked why I started Cannae HR Solutions and, with the help of several partners, am working to build a new model for delivering human resource services. We saw a need for quality, scalable human resource support for mid-size companies.  It may appear that these companies already have a wide range of choices that adequately fill their HR needs such as:

– Hire an internal HR staff

– Co-employ with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), like ADP, Insperity or, Trinet

– Hire a fractional, part-time HR leader

– Use temporary contractors or consulting resources on an ad-hoc basis.

Even though mid-size companies can usually piece together a solution with some combination of these resources, the feedback I get from business leaders is that the results are almost always unsatisfactory. Growing companies want to spend their money on building product and sales teams, not an HR function. PEOs are great for small companies requiring minimal HR support and whom are trying to find reasonably-priced medical insurance. However, they lose transparency into their health insurance costs, are usually disappointed in the ultimate cost savings and find the HR support over-promised and under-delivered. Hiring a fractional, part-time HR leader is a great way of getting the advice of an experienced HR leader but companies need more than advice – they need work performed. Someone has to execute the nuts and bolts of HR: recruiting, processing payroll, writing employee communications, job descriptions, etc. These detailed and routine tasks are not usually the sweet spot for an HR leader. Consultants and contractors are great for working through a well-defined project but they provide no business partnership and are not effective at defining problems.

Cannae HR Solutions is our answer. We provide the leadership of experienced HR executives together with the supporting infrastructure to perform all core HR functional tasks such as payroll and benefits administration, recruiting and compliance. We do not just develop a great performance management process, we communicate it and organize it for your company; we do not just tell you what needs to be done to remain in legal compliance, we implement them.

Cannae adds value by introducing best practices, standardizing processes and integrating technology. We act as a first-rate HR department that builds a business partnership just like a standard internal HR department would and can quickly scale with our customer’s growth. We do it all at a completely transparent and predictable cost.

Check out the Cannae Model at

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