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  • Jordana Venetico

The Untold truth of Employee Onboarding...

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

One of my past responsibilities was to build out an onboarding process for a fortune-500 company. I set out on the challenge crafting the works -- the beautiful presentations, the virtual trainings, the tools that included the 90 day plans, the schedules, handbooks, welcome gifts, the 1:1 meetings with department heads, you name it, I had it all in place, and it was picture perfect. That is, it all looked perfect from the inside but....the initial roll-out failed.

What did I miss? I spent too much time on my beautiful PowerPoints, schedules and flow-charts and not enough (any!) time making sure that the new hire and internal stakeholders involved in the onboarding experience understood their role in the process. Yes, the new hire has a shared accountability for a successful onboarding.

To my credit, I learned from the poor feedback on my initial rollout. I started "selling" the process internally making sure everyone understood their roll in the onboarding process, the time commitment expected and the value to the organization from a successful onboarding (e.g., more engagement, lower turnover, speed-to-full-productivity).

Another area I started focusing on is using software to empower the new joiner to be in charge of their learnings. This is accomplished through daily check-ins in an app that provides daily “mini” bite sized learnings. A process like this keeps the new joiner both accountable and current on information, and it kept me organized.

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