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  • John Markson

A bad way to learn your rights as an employee

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

One frustrating area of HR compliance that could use a fresh perspective is the required compliance posters. If you've spent any time in your company's breakroom, you may have noticed a poster that looks something like the one below.

The frustrating part is two-fold. There are so many required state and federal postings, the only practical way to display them is to cram them into one poster with a font comparable to a typical Master Card disclosure. The more substantive problem is with the inflexible legal requirements that do not consider the many employees who work remotely, work in an office where OSHA safety rules are not relevant or work in jobs where minimum wage and overtime rules are not relevant.

There is a better way. We work with our clients to implement a flexible online approach for meeting the posting requirements in a way that is more relevant to the workforce.

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